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  • October 21, 2019 8:34 AM | Anonymous

    October 20, 2019


    We had a freaking spectacular day yesterday!!! Both "STRONG" college plays hit. So did 6 of the 8 "REGULAR" plays and NORM'S LATE THOUGHT scored again with that putrid Akron offense never registering a point against the Buffalo defense! Here are your Late Consensus Picks foe the NFL games of Sunday, Oct. 20.


    STRONG PLAYS: Philadelphia +3 Dallas


    Minnesota -2 1/2 Detroit

    San Francisco -10 Washington

    Miami--Buffalo UNDER 41

    Baltimore +3 Seattle

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I've taken a STRONG liking to a play today. The reports of Injuries in the Cincy line are particularly distressing when facing the very solid DLine of Jacksonville. Cincy already has trouble running the ball and this certainly won't help. With the drama of the Jalen Ramsey thing behind them I look for Jax to roll today.

    TAKE: Jacksonville -5 Cincinnati


    Saturday record: 0-1....-$1.00

    Playoffs so far: 11-11.....+$6.55

    No games until Tuesday.

    Good hunting again today!!!

    October 19, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks on the college games for Saturday, Oct. 19


    STRONG PLAYS: Michigan +7 1/2 Penn State

                                  Air Force -3 Hawaii


    Baylor +4 Oklahoma State

    Louisville +24 1/2 Clemson

    Florida State +1 1/2

    Kansas +21 Texas

    USC -9 1/2 Arizona

    Oregon State +11 California

    Maryland +6 1/2 Indiana

    Appalachian State--U La Monroe UNDER 66

    NORMS LATE THOUGHTS: BE CAREFUL today!!!!!!! There are a lot of odd line movements today.. Some of them may indicate  actual advantages for the favorite or underdog depending on the direction of the line move. But some of those movements may mean nothing at all. As far as I'm concerned, more and more I believe Buffalo drills Akron which is a very, very poor football team. Buffalo cam move the ball while Akron struggles to score being held to 7 or less in three of their six games and losing to a pathetic outfit like UMass along the way.

    TAKE: Buffalo -17 1/2 Akron


    Friday record: 1-0 ....+1.30

    Playoff record so far: 11-10....+$7.55

    NY Yankees +130 Houston

    Good careful hunting today!!!

    October 18, 2019


    In the Picks of the Pole I've already posted two plays I like Friday. There is one more Late Consensus Picks from a solid handicapper who likes a totals play tonight. It would be rated a REGULAR STRENGTH play.

    TAKE Pitt--Syracuse UNDER 52 1/2


    Thursday record: 0-1....-$1.30

    Playoffs so far: 10-10......+$6.25

    NY Yankees -130 Houston

    Got get's em tonight!

    October 17, 2019


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on tonight's Thursday night NFL game. It's rated a REGULAR STRENGTH play.

    TAKE: Denver +3 Kansas City


    Wednesday record: No game

    Playoff record so far: 10-9....+$7.55

    NY Yankees -130 Houston

    Lets have a big start to the weekend!

    October 16, 2019


    There are no significant late opinions about tonight's lone college football game.


    Tuesday record: 1-1...EVEN

    BUT, With Washington winning the NL pennant our recommended play on them to do so hit giving us a +600 (Sweet!!!) on that play. So...

    Total playoff record thus far: 10-9....+$7.65 !!!

    No play today.

    Happy day off!

  • October 21, 2019 8:33 AM | Anonymous

    October 15, 2019


    Monday record: 0-1....-$1.10

    Playoffs so far: 8-8...+$1.65

    NY Yankees +145 Houston

    Washington -155 St. Louis

    Happy Tuesday!

    October 14, 2019


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on tonight's NFL Monday nighter.

    It's rated a STRONG PLAY.

    TAKE: Green Bay -3 1/2 Detroit


    Sunday record: 0-1....-$1.00

    Playoffs so far: 8-7....+$2.65

    St. Louis--Washington UNDER 7

    Happy Monday!

    October 13, 2019


    Coming of our first truly poor Saturday of the year, here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, Oct. 13:




    Cincinnati +11 Baltimore

    New Orleans +3 Jacksonville

    Dallas--NY Jets UNDER 44

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Our 9-game winning streak ended in spectacular fashion yesterday. Toledo, a 26 1/2 point favorite, didn't even win the game against Bowling Green. In fact, they didn't even close close losing 13 points! Undaunted we'll step out again today with a totals play. Tennessee versus Denver looks like a grinder game to me. Tight, clock runs, lots of punts, a game of field position. Thus we'll go for a lower scoring affair.

    TAKE: Tennessee--Denver UNDER 40 1/2


    Saturday record: 0-1...-$1.10

    Playoffs so far: 8-6....+$3.65

    NY Yankees +145 Houston

    October 12, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks on the college football games of Saturday, Oct. 12:


    STRONG PLAYS: Iowa +3 1/2 Penn State

                                  Michigan State +10 1/2 Wisconsin

                                  Boise -13 Hawaii


    Michigan -23 1/2 Illinois

    Michigan--Illinois UNDER 49

    Georgia Tech--Duke UNDER 49

    Temple + 4 1/2 Memphis

    Washington State PICK Arizona State

    Arizona +6 1/2 Washington

    Fresno +3 Air Force

    Michigan State---Wisconsin UNDER 40 1/2

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS---We've won NINE in a row in these picks over the last three weeks. Today, we'll focus on a very old rivalry that most folks don't know about. Toledo--Bowling Green has been played since 1948. These schools are precisely 24 miles apart.

    And no love it lost in this competition. I think Bowling Green is awful. I believe Toledo's finding its groove. The spread is a heavy one but I think this could be a "leg lifting."

    TAKE: Toledo -26 1/2 Bowling Green


    Friday record: 1-0....+$1.05

    Playoffs so far: 8-5....+$4.75

    NY Yankees--Houston OVER 9

    Have a wonderful Texas--OU Saturday!

    October 11, 2019


    There are no Late Consensus Picks on the college games of Friday night and I've already made Virginia a Pick of the Pole


    Thursday record: 0-1....-$1.00

    Playoff record thus far: 7-5 ...+$3.70

    Washington EVEN St. Louis

    In the NL pennant I'd recommend playing the Nationals -130. However, if you already have them (a recommendation we made late last week) you have them at a huge underdog price so there's no need to play any more on them. In fact, you might consider "hedging" just a bit by playing a small amount of the Cardinals thus insuring you either make money or don't lose money which ever way the series goes.


    October 10, 2019


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on the NFL game tonight. It's a REGULAR STRENGTH PLAY:

    TAKE: New England--New York UNDER 41

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Texas State's won two in a row but beating Georgia State in triple OT and Nicholls State doesn't, for me, constitute any kind of a "buy" signal. Monroe's offense helped them hang in there against a much superior Memphis team and it's that offense that I believe carries them tonight.

    TAKE: La. Monroe -3 Texas State


    Wednesday record: 1-0....+$1.30

    Playoffs so far: 7-4....+$4.70

    Tampa +230 Houston

    Keep the roll going

    October 9, 2019

    Yesterday 1-0 +_2.15  Overall 6-4 +3.40

    Washington +145 vs Dodgers

  • October 20, 2019 8:32 AM | Anonymous

    October 8, 2019


    Monday record: 1-0....+$1.00

    Playoffs so far: 5-4...+$1.25

    Tampa Bay +215 Houston

    Lets roll with a BIG dog!

    October 7, 2019


    We have lots of opinions on tonight's Monday Nght Football affair. Unfortunately those opinions are conflicting. Solid support for BOTH team. Line rising due to lots of SF money showing up. But I'll pass tonight and we'll wait for another day. Our "late Thoughts run of selections reached 7 in a row with New England skating past Washington.


    Sunday record: 1-1....-$0.20

    Playoffs so far: 4-4....+$0.25

    NY Yankees -145 Minnesota

    Good hunting tonight!

    October 6, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, Oct. 6




    Pittsburgh +3 Baltimore

    Jacksonville +3 1/2 Carolina

    Chicago -6 Oakland

    Tampa Bay +3 New Orleans

    Denver--LA Chargers UNDER 44 1/2

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: We had another winner here yesterday with Toledo (That's 6 in a row dating back to last Friday). Washington's totally fouled up. The coach is on the verge of being fired. New QB Colt McCoy's task is too knock the rust off against the nasty New England defense. The Skin's line is banged up. I know that the spread is large but I can see this one getting totally away from Washington.

    TAKE: New England -16 1/2 Washington


    Saturday record: 0-1....-$1.00

    Playoffs so far: 3-3...+$0.45

    Washington -120 LA Dodgers

    Atlanta -115 St. Louis.

    Great hunting today!


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks on the college game of Saturday, Oct. 5



    • Michigan State +20 Ohio State
    • Pitt +4 Duke


    Army +2 1/2 Tulane

    Florida +2 1/2 Auburn

    West Virginia +10 1/2 Texas

    Northwestern +7 1/2 Nebraska

    Cal--Oregon UNDER 46 1/2

    Navy +3 Air Force

    Mississippi---Vandy OVER 63 1/2

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: We had a spectacular weekend in this

    spot last week (Two money line winning underdogs on Friday and winners Saturday, Sunday and Monday for a 5-0 sweep). But this day's card leave me feeling a bit cold. I know there's an above play recommending West Virginia but I actually lean a bit toward Texas so be a tad careful there. I do like Toledo's continuing home dominance in the Glass Bowl so lets recommend this:

    TAKE (moderately): Toledo -1 1/2 Western Michigan


    Friday record: 1-1....+$0.45

    Playoffs so far: 3-2.....+$1.45

    Minnesota +165 NY Yankees

    Happy autumn!

    October 4, 2019


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on a college football game tonight.

    It is a REGULAR STRENGTH play:

    TAKE: UCF -3 1/2 Cincinnati


    Thursday record: 1-1....EVEN

    Playoffs so far: 2-1.....+$1.00

    Washington +145 LA Dodgers

    Tampa Bay +195 Houston

    Have a good Friday!

    October 3, 2019


    There are no significant Late Consensus Picks on either the NFL or the two low profile college game. But there will be opinions tomorrow.


    Regular season record: 323--258....+$53.00 (Our best year ever)


    Wednesday record: 1-0...+$1.00

    Playoffs so far: 1-0....+$1.00

    St. Louis--Atlanta OVER 9

    Washington +150 LA Dodgers

    Also, earlier this week we posted recommendations on Washington to win the NL pennant and World Series. If you already have those there's little reason to wager on them to win this Dodgers series but it's my feeling that they will.

    Cheers to you all!

    October 2, 2019


    Oakland---Tampa Bay UNDER 7 1/2

    Good hunting today! And thank heavens our huge underdog recommendation on the Nationals is still alive! 

    October 1, 2019


    Well, good morning to all. The Steelers whipping of Cincy completed a wonderful sweep this weekend in Norm's Late Thoughts. Now it's on to next weekend. But first, it's baseball time!


    The playoffs begin today. We'll begin, not with a pick on today's single NL game but on the National League pennant and World Series. I like a team at huge odds to win both the NL and World Series---the Washington. I know that the NL road to everything seems to go through the LA Dodgers. But consider the Nats if you would. In late May they were floundering at 19-31. A huge disappointment. The firing of manager Dave Martinez seemed imminent. Suddenly they got hot and stayed hot. From that point Washington went 74-38. That's a pace that, if projected over a full season, would have had them winning 107 games. Houston won 107 and LAD won 106. In short, for four months plus Washington has been one of THE very best teams in all of baseball---perhaps THE best. And there may not be a finer starting pitching rotation in all of baseball. Scherzer, Starsburg and Corbin all ranked in the NL top 10 in ERA and strikeouts. And once #4 starter Anibal Sanchez got well and returned from the DL in late May he went 11-2. I know the terrible history of this franc hise in the playoffs and know this could all go "poof" today if they lose to Milwaukee in the wild card game, but the prices being offered on these red hot Nats are incredible.

    TAKE: Washington +600 to win the NL pennant

    TAKE: Washington +1500 to win the World Series.

    Good hunting!

  • October 18, 2019 8:31 AM | Anonymous

    September 30, 2019


         We have just concluded the finest season of baseball handicapping we've ever had. The final record of 323-258 produced a profit of $53.00. That means a $100 bettor would have realized a season-long profit of $5,300 dollars. We've had some good seasons before but never quite this good. Congrats to those who've endured the grind that a baseball season can be. Now, it's on to the playoffs which begin Tuesday!


    There are no significant Late Consensus Picks on the NFL game tonight but I do have some Late Thoughts. Cincinnati's played much better than expected for their new head coach while the Steelers have staggered to an 0-3 start. But there seems to still be optimism in the Steel City where the franchise continues to make trades to add to their roster. Young Mason Rudolph looks like he has the makings of being a more than decent QB going forward and has now had some time to knock the rust off. We've has a very nice weekend in this spot for you tabbing two upset winners Friday night, selecting the Michigan runaway Saturday and elevating our faith in the New England--Buffalo UNDER Sunday. Lets wrap up the weekend with a final winner.

    TAKE: Pittsburgh -3 1/2 Cincinnati

    Happy days!

    September 29, 2019


    We had another really FINE day yesterday in these late selections. The VERY STRONG pick on Baylor hit and did 5 of the 8 REGULAR STRENGTH picks. And the NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS choice on Michigan was an easy, easy winner. But, that was yesterday. Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, Sept. 29:


    STRONG PLAYS: Seattle -5 Arizona


    Cleveland +7 Baltimore

    Minnesota +1 Chicago

    Houston -4 1/2 Carolina

    New England--Buffalo UNDER 42

    Denver--Jacksonville UNDER 37 1/2

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Between these picks and the already posted Picks of the Pole we've covered just about every game. But, were I too have re-posted my selections I'd have made the UNDER

    on Buffalo--New England a Double Play. The more I've thought of this game the more I like it.


    Saturday record: 1-2...-$0.45

    Season so far: 319-257...+$48.55

    Miami +130 Philadelphia

    Pittsburgh ugh +125 Cincinnati

    Texas +155 NY Yankees

    Boston -250 Baltimore

    Kansas City +155 Minnesota

    Good hunting again today!

    September 28, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the college games of Saturday  Sept. 28

    VERY STRONG PLAYS: Baylor +3 Iowa State



    Northwestern +24 Wisconsin

    So. Florida +7 1/2 SMU

    Georgia Tech--Temple UNDER 47

    Toledo +2 1/2 BYU

    UCF -43 UConn

    Utah State---Colorado State UNDER 70

    North Texas--Houston OVER 59

    Fresno -19 1/2 New Mexico State

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS---Michigan's been a disappointment and the alums (big money backers) are rightfully alarmed. Today they get a rustable pig in Rutgers. And the more I looked at this game the more I believe that's what'll happen. This appears to be a "no mercy" game to me

    TAKE: Michigan -27 1/2 Rutgers

    And congrats to those who followed the suggestions here last night about both Duke and Arizona State being live underdogs who could win games straight up. Those money line profits are very tidy in an undertaking where any amount of extra profit is very appreciated!


    Friday record: 1-2....-$1.00

    Season so far: 319--255....+$49.00

    Miami +155 Philadelphia

    Atlanta EVEN NY Mets

    Baltimore +155 Boston

    Good hunting today!

    September 27, 2019


    I like a couple games on the college schedule tonight and will use them as a reminder of the differing ways to play games. Duke is a 3-point underdog to Virginia Tech tonight and Arizona state's a 4-point dog to Cal. A wagered can take the points and risk 110 to win 100. Or----the games can be played on the money line in which, instead of taking the points one can play the underdog to win straight out. In the case of Duke, playing them on the money line one risks 100 to win 115 and with Arizona State the return for a 100 investment is +165. I believe each of these teams has a chance to win these games outright. But taking the points can also create the feeling of having a "safety net" for the wagerer. Whichever you choose, have a wonderful evening


    Friday record: 4-0....+$5.10

    Season so far: 317-253...+$50.00

    Miami +160 Philadelphia

    Tampa Bay -185 Toronto

    LA Angels +190 Houston

    Happy Friday!

    September 26, 2019


    There is one Late Consensus Pick from a very solid handicapper on tonight's NFL game:

    STRONG PLAY:  Green Bay -4 Philadelphia

    I agree with the above selection especially in light of the injuries dogging the Eagles this early season. The Pack's playing at a very high level and multiple trends and angles support the GB selection.

    Also, in college, I'd have a "lean" but that all to Navy getting 10 1/2 from Memphis. Navy's a tough team to prepare for and while Memphis is off to a fine start I do't see these teams as being that far apart.


    Wednesday record: 3-1.....+$2.75

    Season so far: 313--254...+$44.90

    San Francisco -120 Colorado

    Oakland -240 Seattle

    White Sox +185 Cleveland

    Pittsburgh +125 Cubs

    Good hunting today!

    September 25, 2019


    Tuesday record: 1-2....-$2.10

    Season so far:310-252....+$42.15

    Pittsburgh +175 Cubs

    Washington -175 Philadelphia

    San Diego +145 LA Dodgers

    Boston--Texas OVER 12

    Good hunting today!

    September 24, 2019

    Yesterday 1-0 +1.05

    Overall:  309-250 +44.20

    Cleveland -220 Vs White Sox

    Oakland -205 Vs LAAofA

    Miami +210 Vs NY Mets

    September 23, 2019


    While no one of the handicappers I regularly check has a firm opinion on tonight's Monday Night NFL game, the more I looked at it the more

    I lean to the underdog. The Bears stodgy offense allows underdogs to "hang around" in games like this and I've long thought of Jay Gruden as an under-rated coach.Washington done just that---hang in there--against the then-healthy Eagles and the good-looking Cowboys. Just not certain the Bears should be laying more than at FG against anyone on the road right now (except for Miami)

    TAKE: Washington +4 Chicago


    Sunday record: 1-4.....-$3.00

    Season so far: 308-250....+$42.25

    Miami +195 NY Mets

    Happy Monday!

  • October 03, 2019 8:30 AM | Anonymous

    September 22, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks on NFL games of Sunday, Sept. 22.

    VERY STRONG PLAY: Cleveland +3 1/2 LA Rams

    STRONG PLAYS: Dallas -22 1/2 Miami

    REGULAR PLAYS: Atlanta + 1 1/2 Indianapolis

                                    NY Giants--Tampa Bay UNDER 48

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Cincinnati simply can't run the ball and Buffalo can be tough to run on. That leaves Andy Dalton's throwing alone to move Cincy and in the past that has meant some mistakes.

    Buffalo has the look of an up and coming team. Lets take the Bills at home to take care of business.

    TAKE: Buffalo -6 Cincinnati


    Saturday record: 2-2.....-$0.40

    Season so far: 307-246....+$45.25

    Cincinnati +115 NY Mets

    St. Louis +150 Cubs

    Tampa Bay-150 Boston

    Kansas City +200 Minnesota

    Philadelphia +115 Cleveland

    Happy Sunday!

    September 21, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the college football games of Saturday, Sept. 21.


    STRONG PLAYS: Nebraska -13 Illinois


    Pittsburgh +10 1/2 UCF

    W. Virginia -4 1/2 Kansas

    Stanford +10 1/2 Oregon

    Tennessee +14 Florida

    Temple -14 Buffalo

    Notre Dame +14 1/2 Georgia

    Washington -6 1/2 BYU

    Nevada--UTEP UNDER 52

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Phil Montgomery's Tulsa team has tackled a pretty tough early season schedule facing Michigan State and Oklahoma State and begetting bounced by each. But Wyoming's a huge step down in class from those two. The Cowboys now meet their first "real team" on the road this year. I look for the toughened Golden Hurricane to handle their b business today.

    TAKE: Tulsa -4 Wyoming


    Friday record: 1-2....-$1.20

    Season so far: 305-244....+$45.65

    St. Louis +120 Cubs

    Milwaukee -230 Pittsburgh

    Detroit +115 White Sox

    Cleveland -160 Philadelphia

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

    September 20, 2019


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on a college game tonight. It is a regular strength selection:

    TAKE: Utah -4 USC


    Thursday record: 2-0.....+$2.00

    Season so far: 304-242....+$46.85

    Miami +185 Washington

    San Diego -120 Arizona

    White Sox -135 Detroit

    Good hunting today!

    September 19, 2019


    There are no Late Consensus Picks on the two games on the board but I have a small opinion on one of them. Both Tulane and Houston have failed when stepping into the spotlight this year. Oklahoma drilled the Cougars in their opener and Washington State wore them down last week. Tulane could not move against Auburn. But each side beat up cream puffs in their other scheduled game. Houston slaughtered Tulane 48-17 last year as an 8 point favorite in Houston but now finds themselves a 4 or 4 1/2 point dog at Tulane. The obvious suggestion here is that Houston is descending a bit while Tulane is ascending.

    That may show up most in the ground game where shoddy tackling by Houston has resulted in them allowing 6 yards per carry. UGH! This isn't a strong opinion but I'd side with Tulane laying a small amount of points.


    Wednesday record: 3-1.....+$3.05

    Season so far: 302-242....+$44.85

    San Diego---Milwaukee UNDER 8

    Toronto -120 Baltimore

    Happy Thursday!

    September 18, 2019


    Tuesday record: 0-1....-$1.00

    Season so far: 299-241....+41.80

    St. Louis +145 Washington

    Miami +160 Arizona

    Philadelphia +140 Atlanta

    Tampa Bay +120 LA Dodgers

    Lots of underdogs today!

    September 17, 2019


    Monday record: 0-1....-$1.40

    Season so far: 299-240....+$42.80

    White Sox +125 Minnesota

    Happy Tuesday!

  • September 17, 2019 10:08 AM | Anonymous

    September 16, 2019


    There are no Late Consensus Picks on tonight's NFL game. The line here opened with CLEVE favored 2 1/2 and jumped to 6 1/2 with the announcement that Jets QB Darnold was out sick. Sick is what CLEVE looked in their opener versus TENN. We just had a terrific weekend. Lets pass this and hunt for better spots down the road.


    Sunday record: 1-3...-$2.10

    Season so far: 299-239.....+$44.20

    Baltimore -140 Detroit

    Happy Monday!

    September 15, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, Sept. 15. Hope we can come close to duplicating yesterday's 8-1 mark!





    Green Bay -2 1/2 Minnesota 

    LA Chargers -1 1/2 Detroit 

    New Orleans +2 LA Rams 

    Chicago -2 1/2 Denver

    Dallas--Washington UNDER 46 1/2 

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Entering this season I thought San Francisco was the sleeper team in the NFC. Their win at Tampa last week now looks even more impressive after the Bucs went on the road and won at Carolina. Cincy did look improved in their near-miss

    at Seattle. But, in a toss up game, I think the Niners are  the better

    team. So:

    TAKE: San Francisco PICK Cincinnati


    Saturday record: 1-3....-$2.05

    Season so far: 298-236....+$46.30

    NY. Mets +125 LA Dodgers

    Atlanta -110 Washington

    Colorado -110 San Diego

    Philadelphia EVEN Boston

    Lets have another big day! 

    September 14, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the college games of Saturday, Sept. 14


    STRONG PLAYS: Air Force +3 1/2 Colorado

                                  E. Michigan +7 Illinois


    Pitt--Penn State UNDER 53

    Temple +6 1/2 Maryland

    Iowa state +1 1/2 Iowa

    BYU +4 USC

    No. Illinois +14 Nebraska 

    There's also general support for some games that are Picks of the Pole  like Navy and La. Tech.

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: While  it's hard measuring the quality of Texas Tech given the low quality of their opposition, the Red Raiders do appear to have something very, very valuable in the college game---an excellent trigger man for their pass-happy offense. And new coach Wells arrives with an excellent career resume. Arizona coach Sumlin has struggled to raise the level of play at AU since his arrival despite seeming to have some good pieces of the puzzle.

    Lets go with that shiny record of the new Tech head coach.

    TAKE: Texas Tech -2 Arizona


    Friday record: 0-3....-$3.60

    Season so far: 297---233....+$48.35

    Milwaukee--St. Louis UNDER 7 1/2

    Cincinnati +120. Arizona

    San Diego -105 Colorado

    White Sox EVEN Seattle

    Go get 'em today!

    September 13, 2019


    Thursday record: 1-2....-$1.00

    Season so far: 227-230.....+$51.95

    Washington -160 Atlanta

    NY Mets +120 LA Dodgers

    Miami +135 San Francisco

    Cleveland +105 Minnesota


    There are no Late Consensus Picks or Late Thoughts of mine on the limited card. I did like Kansas  bit but that game has been taken "off the board" in some places and games like that I simply ignore most weekends.

    Good hunting today!

    September 12, 2019


    While there are no Late Consensus Picks on the one NFL game being played tonight, I'd lean to Carolina to beat and cover versus Tampa. This is NOT a strong feeling and "lean" is the most I'd recommend. Panthers lost at home last week and should be in a surly mood against division rival Tampa. In a battle between two often inconsistent QB's in Winston and Newton I feel much better backing Newton than Winston's who's so prone to simply throwing it to the other team. But no official pick---just a lean.


    Season so far: 293-225....+$54.45

    San Diego +125 Cubs

    Colorado +155 St. Louis

    Washington -115 Minnesota

    Good hunting today!

  • September 16, 2019 10:07 AM | Anonymous

    September 10, 2019


    Monday record: 1-1....EVEN

    Season so far: 293-225....+$54.45

    Atlanta -165 Philadelphia

    Cincinnati -130 Seattle


    Another nice Lat Consensus Pick winner on the Oakland total to go UNDER. And a very solid overall weekend. Lets go get 'em again next week!!!

    September 9, 2019


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on one of the Monday night NFL games. It is a "regular strength" play.

    TAKE: Denver---Oakland UNDER 43


    Sunday record: 4-1....+$3.10

    Season so far: 292-225....+$54.45

    Milwaukee -190 Miami

    Oakland +160 Houston

    Good hunting today!

    September 8, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL game of Sunday Sept. 8. (Late picks went 4-3 yesterday.)


    STRONG PLAYS: Carolina +1 1/2 LA Rams


    Indianapolis +6 1/2 LA Chargers

    Baltimore--Miami OVER 37 1/2

    Pittsburgh---New England UNDER 49 1/2

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS:  The more I looked at this card the more I was drawn to Seattle. Cincinnati's going to be a very poor team. Seattle's really revved with the late addition of star DE Clowney. Cincy offensive line may not be ready to handle the Seahawks pressure.

    TAKE: Seattle -9 1/2 Cincinnati


    Saturday record: 2-1....+$1.65

    Season so far: 288--223....+$51.35

    Atlanta +120 Washington

    Milwaukee -120 Cubs

    San Diego -150 Colorado

    Texas -155 Baltimore

    White Sox +110 LA Angels

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    September 7, 2019


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the college games of Saturday, Sept. 7. We've hit a nice winner with these late picks each of the last two nights so lets keep rolling today




    Arkansas +6 1/2. Mississippi

    Washington -13 1/2 Cal

    Army +22 1/2 Michigan

    Texas A & M +16 1/2 Clemson

    Illinois -21 1/2 UConn

    Texas Tech -34 1/2 UTEP

    Mississippi---Arkansas UNDER 50 1/2

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Western Kentucky's been a pretty solid program for years but this year's version doesn't look so good. FIU, like Western, got whipped last week by an improved Tulane team which is only a 17 point underdog at Auburn today. I trust Butch Davis and his proven record to rebound more than I do WKY.

    TAKE: FIU -8 Western Kentucky 

    I also have a slight lean to Cincinnati today plus the points against Ohio State but note enough to make them a full play.


    Friday record: 3-2....+$0.45

    Season so far: 286-222.....+$49.70

    Milwaukee +115 Cubs

    Philadelphia +150 NY Mets

    White Sox +140 LA Angels

    Go get 'em today!

    September 6, 2019


    We hit a nice upset winner last night with Green Bay and have another "Regular Strength" play this evening in college football. Boise rallied impressively to stun Florida State last weekend but the magic of Boise's home blue carpet wore off years ago. Boise's a miserable 16-35-1 ATS their last 52 home games. Marshall meanwhile is 11-4-1 ATS their last 16 as "away dogs." Tough to ignore such long term angles.

    TAKE: Marshall +12 Boise


    Thursday record: 0-1....-$1.45

    Season so far: 282---220....+$49.25

    Atlanta EVEN Washington

    Milwaukee +10 Cubs

    San Diego -165 Colorado

    NY Yankees +110 Boston

    Toronto--Tampa Bay UNDER 9

    Have a Big Friday!

    September 5, 2019


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on tonight's NFL season opener. It is rated a Regular Strength play. (We rate plays as Very Strong, Strong or Regular).

    Green Bay +3 Chicago


    Wednesday record: 1-2...-$1.60

    Season so far: 283-219....+$50.70

    Boston -145 Minnesota

    Happy Thursday!

    September 4, 2019


    Tuesday record: 1-1....+$0.40

    Season so far: 282-217.....+$52.30

    Washington -120 NY Mets

    Philadelphia -125 Cincinnati

    Oakland -150 LA Angels

    Lets go get 'em today!

    September 3, 2019


    Monday record: 0-1....-$1.50

    Season so far: 281-216....+$51.90

    NY Mets +120 Washington

    Milwaukee +140 Houston

    Happy football season!

  • September 03, 2019 9:06 AM | Anonymous

    September 2, 2019


    There is one Late Consensus regular strength play on tonight's college football game

    Louisville +18 Notre Dame


    Sunday record: 2-2....+$0.15

    Season so far: 281-215.....+$53.40

    Cincinnati -150 Philadelphia

    Happy Labor Day!

    September 1, 2019


    Saturday record: 4-1....+$3.35

    Season so far: 279-213....+$53.25

    St. Louis -155 Cincinnati (When Mikolas opposes Mahle)

    San Diego +120 San Francisco

    Oakland +120 NY Yankees

    LA Angels -105 Boston

    Happy September!!!

    August 31, 2019

                             CLUBHOUSE MEMBERS

    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for Saturday, Aug. 31.


    Very strong plays: None

    Strong plays: None

    Regular strength plays:

    Toledo +10 1/2 Kentucky

    Ball State +18 Indiana

    Oregon +3 1/2 Auburn

    Good hunting today!

    August 30, 2019

    Note :  Late NCAA Selections from Handicappers Around the Nation will be posted by 9:30 tomorrow morning 


    Thursday record: 1-0....+$1.00

    Season so far: 275-212...+$50.90

    St. Louis -115 Cincinnati

    San Diego +115 San Francisco

    Happy Friday!

    August 29, 2019


    Wednesday record: 0-1....-$1.55

    Season so far: 274-212....+$49.90

    Pittsburgh -105 Colorado

    Happy Thursday!

  • August 29, 2019 7:15 AM | Anonymous

    August 28, 2019


    Tuesday record: 1-2....-$1.20

    Season so far: 273-211....+$51.45

    Oakland -155 Kansas City

    August 27, 2019


    Monday record: 2-0....+$2.60

    Season so far: 272--209...+$52.65

    San Francisco -125 Arizona

    Tampa Bay +155 Houston

    LA Angels -140 Texas

    Go get 'em today again!

    August 26, 2019


    Sunday record: 1-1....-$0.10

    Season so far: 270-209...+$50.05

    San Diego +145 LA Dodgers

    St. Louis +115 Milwaukee

    Happy Monday!

    August 25, 2019


    Saturday record: 1-0

    Pre-season so far: 6-5

    No selections today


    Saturday record: 1-0

    No games until Thursday


    Saturday record: 4-2....+$2.05

    Season so far: 265-208....+$50.25

    Milwaukee -110 Arizona

    Washington -120 Cubs

    Happy Sunday!

    August 24, 2019


    Friday record: 2-1....+$0.95

    Season so far: 261-206....+$48.20

    Washington +140 Cubs

    Miami +115 Philadelphia

    Atlanta EVEN Mets

    St. Louis -180 Colorado

    White Sox -135 Texas

    LA Dodgers -140 NY Yankees


    Friday record: 0-1

    Pre-season so far: 5-5

    New Orleans -3 NY Jets


    Miami +7 Florida

    Go get 'em today!

    August 23, 2019


    Thursday record: 1-0....+$1.05

    Season so far: 259-205....+$47.25

    White Sox +135 Texas

    LA Dodgers -145 NY Yankees

    Seattle +105 Toronto


    Thursday record: 2-0

    Pre-season so far: 5-4

    Detroit +2 Buffalo

    New Orleans -3 NY Jets

    Happy, happy Friday!

    August 22, 2019


    Wednesday record: 3-0....+$3.55

    Season so far: 258-205...+$46.20

    White Sox +105 Texas


    Pre-season so far: 3-4

    Washington -3 Atlanta

    Baltimore -5 Philadelphia

    Happy days!

    August 21, 2019


    Tuesday record: 2-1.....+$1.25

    Season so far: 255-205....+$42.65

    Washington -145 Pittsburgh

    White Sox +155 Minnesota

    Oakland -110 NY Yankees

    Happy days!!!

    August 20, 2019


    Monday record: 1-1....-$0.60

    Season so far: 253-204....+$41.40

    KC EVEN Baltimore

    Oakland +125 NY Yankees

    LA Angers (Heaney) -130 Texas

    Go Get 'em today!

    August 19, 2019


    Sunday record: 2-4....-$2.10

    Season so far: 252-203....+$42.00

    Arizona -190 Colorado

    Cincinnati -160 San Diego

    Happy Monday!

  • August 19, 2019 8:26 AM | Anonymous

    August 18, 2019


    Saturday record: 1-2....-$1.25

    Season so far: 250-199....+44.10

    San Diego -105 Philadelphia

    Cincinnati +150 St. Louis

    San Francisco -110 Arizona

    Pittsburgh +145 Cubs

    Cleveland -125 NY Yankees

    Oakland +160 Houston


    Saturday record: 0-2

    Season so far: 3-3

    LA Chargers -2 1/2 New Orleans


    August 17, 2019


    Friday record: 2-2....-$0.10

    Season so far: 249-197.....+$45.35

    Washington -125 Milwaukee

    Minnesota -160 Texas

    Kansas City +190 NY Mets

    Happy days!

    August 16, 2019


    Thursday record: 4-0...+$5.15

    Season so far: 247-195...+$45.45

    Washington -15 Milwaukee

    Atlanta -115 LA Dodgers

    Texas -105 Minnesota

    Oakland +185 Houston


    Thursday record: 1-0

    Season so far: 3-1

    New England--Tennessee OVER 41 (SAT.)

    Kansas City -2 1/2 Pittsburgh (SAT.)

    LA Chargers -2 1/2 New Orleans (SUN.)

    Happy Friday!!!

    August 15, 2019


    Wednesday record: 0-5....-$6.80

    Season so far: 143-196....+$40.30

    Philadelphia +130 Cubs

    San Francisco +125 Arizona

    Cleveland +145 NY Yankees

    Oakland +115 Houston


    NY Jets +2 Atlanta

    Baltimore -4 Green Bay

    It's a bounce back Thursday!

    August 14, 2019


    Tuesday record: 2-2....+$0.10

    Season so far: 243-194....+$47.10

    DOUBLE PLAY; Arizona -140 Colorado 


    Cincinnati +135 Washington

    Toronto -130 Texas

    Cleveland whatever the line versus Boston

    Happy days!!!

    August 13, 2019


    Monday record: 1-0....+$1.05

    Season so far: 241-192....+$47.00

    Philadelphia +115 Cubs

    Arizona +115 Colorado

    Cleveland +105 Boston

    Milwaukee -120 Minnesota

    Happy Tuesday!

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