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  • November 04, 2018 9:04 AM | Anonymous

    October 31, 2018


    We were fortunate that our "lean" to Buffalo turned out OK last night. Tonight we have just the single MAC game but I have a bit of a feeling in this one also. Toledo's been tangling with some pretty decent teams with losses to Miami, Fla., Fresno and Buffalo. But don't ever confuse Ball St. with that list of decent teams. This spread seems petty high but Ball State is #111 in the country in rush defense and Toledo runs it for 5.0 yards per carry. That allows them to control the game all night long. 

    But this is, like Buffalo, only a "lean" for me:

    Toledo -18 1/2 Ball State


    Tuesday record: 1-1

    Season so far: 16-5

    LA Lakers -7 Dallas

    Good hunting again tonight!

    October 30, 2018


    Only a pair of games in college football tonight but one of these contests holds some limited appeal for me. Buffalo's been a team we've been on with solid success this season. They are wonderfully quarterbacked by Tyree Jackson and at this level of competition having a very solid triggerman elevates a team greatly. At 3-5 Miami's just another collection of uniforms these days. This isn't a strong play but I do lean to:

    TAKE: Buffalo -7 Miami  Ohio


    Monday record: 2-0

    Season so far: 15-4

    Orlando -4 1/2 Sacramento

    Oklahoma City - 2 1/2 LA Clippers

    Good hunting!

    October 28, 2018


    Handicappers seem pretty split on whether to lay all those points (14) with NE tonight or to take the points at home with Buffalo. I'm not a big fan of either side and do not have a strong feeling here. But my continuing opinion that Buffalo is simply hideous keeps me from playing the underdog here. I'd slightly lean to the favorite but must believe

    there will be better spots to truly step out down the road


    Sunday record: 1-0

    Season so far: 13-4

    Philadelphia -11 Atlanta

    Minnesota---LA Lakers OVER 237


    Sunday record: 2-0....+$2.30 (game plus 

                                       series winner)

    World Series record: 5-1....+$4.75

    Season over!


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL is games of Sunday, Oct. 28.


    STRONG PLAYS: Kansas City -9 Denver


    New Orleans -1 1/2 Minnesota

    Seattle +3 Detroit

    Green Bay +8 1/2 LA Rams

    Green Bay---LA Rams OVER 57

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: This smaller slate leaves me a bit cool but I would suggest one game for consideration. I'm not certain what Cincy is at this point. They started fast but now have lost two in a row, but to solid teams. But the Bengals defense scares me a lot and Tampa has players who can break down poor defenses. This is a moderate recommendation ar best but lets;

    TAKE: Tampa Bay +3 1/2 Cincinnati


    Saturday record: 1-1

    Season so far: 12-4

    Utah -3 1/2 Dallas


    Saturday record: 1-0....+$1.45

    World Series so far: 3-1.....+$2.45

    Boston +130 LA Dodgers

    Good hunting today!


    October 27


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks of college games of Saturday, Oct. 27.

    VERY STRONG PLAYS: Texas Tech +6 Iowa State

    STRONG PLAYS: Kentucky +7 1/2 Missouri


    No. Illinois +7 BYU

    S. Florida +8 1/2 Houston

    Navy +23 1/2 Notre Dame

    San Diego State -2 1/2 Nevada

    Florida +6 1/2 Georgia

    Texas A&M +1 Mississippi State

    Arkansas +1 Vandy

    Florida State +17 1/2 Clemson

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS---I must be dead honest with you. I'm not a fan of either of the really strong plays and  several of the other Consensus picks. Not at all in love with So. Florida and I actually like the other side of the Clemson--Florida State game. Now, this is not to say that I'm heavily on on the other sides. I just thought I should tell you that this card really does leave me pretty cold on many of these games. But, I do have three "late thought" selections for you:

    TAKE: Charlotte +7 So. Miss

               TCU -13 1/2 Kansas

               Stanford -3 Washington State

    But let me also add that some of my handicapper friends also like the other side of a couple of these games. BE CAREFUL today!!!


    Friday record: No plays

    Season so far: 11-3

    Philadelphia minus the points versus Charlotte

    Indiana minus the points versus Cleveland


    Friday record: 0-1....-$1.00

    World Series so far: 2-1....+$1.00

    Boston +150 LA Dodgers

    Happy Saturday!!!

    October 26, 2018



    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I've already made three of these Friday games Picks of thePole but there's a still another game that interests me a bit. Miami's a small favorite over Boston College and that makes this an intriguing value play. BC's pretty solid. Points worth taking I think.

    TAKE: Boston College +3 1/2 Miami Florida


    Thursday record: 1-0

    Season so far: 11-3



    World Series record so far: 2-0

    Boston +145 LA Dodgers

    Good hunting tonight!!!

    October 25, 2018


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on tonight's football action. It's a REGULAR STRENGTH PLAY:

    TAKE: Houston -7 1/2 Miami

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I just get a feeling that tonight is where a solidly superior West Virginia team steps out against Baylor. The Mountaineers are still fully in the thick of the playoffs f they can run the table and swiping out Baylor would be a fine springboard to November.

    Baylor's an improved bunch but this appears a shaky spot for the Bears to me.

    TAKE: West Virginia -14 Baylor



    Season so far: 11-4

    Detroit-7 Cleveland

    Denver---LALakers OVER 239 1/2


    Wednesday record: 1-0

    Series so far: 2-0

    No game tonight

    October 24, 2018


    Tuesday record: 1-0 plus an extra "lean to"


    Boston -135 LA Dodgers


    Tuesday record: 2-0-1 (Push Philly--Detroit)

    Season so far: 10-3

    Dallas -1 1/2 Atlanta

    LA Lakers -3 Phoenix

    Good hunting tonight!

  • November 04, 2018 9:04 AM | Anonymous

    October 23, 2018


    There are no Late Consensus Picks on tonight's lone college game. The line has been steadily moving toward Troy here going from -11 1/2 to -13. That's still the way I'd "lean" but the value's disappearing here so I'll hunt for better places this week.


    GAME 1---Boston -140 LA Dodgers

         ---I would also "lean" to the OVER 7 1/2

         ---I also like Boston -155 in the Series


    Monday record: 0-1

    Season so far: 8-3

    Philadelphia minus the points vs. Detroit

    New Orleans -6 1/2 LA Clippers

    Denver -11 Sacramento

    Happy Tuesday!!!

    October 22, 2018


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on tonight's Monday night "football game."

    REGULAR PLAY: NY Giants +3 1/2 Atlanta


    Sunday record: 1-0

    Season  so far: 8-2

    Utah -10 Memphis

    Good hunting!

    October 21, 2018


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, October, 21.


    STRONG PLAYS: Philadelphia -5 1/2 Carolina

    REGULAR PLAYS: Miami +3 Detroit

                                    Tampa Bay -3 1/2 Cleveland

                                    Chicago +2 1/2 New England

                                    Buffalo---Indianapolis UNDR 50 1/2

                                    San Francisco +8 1/2 LA Rams

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Another Sunday where the card is pretty well picked over. I've already put out some strong opinions on some games and will stand on those. But yet one more reminder of possible use of the money line. If you like underdogs like Chicago and New Orleans, you might consider taking them on the money line to win straight up instead of taking the small point spread. The odds

    can works in your favor in such situations.


    Saturday record: 2-1

    Season so far: 7-2

    Atlanta--Cleveland OVER 230

    Happy Sunday!!!

    October 20, 2018


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the college games of Saturday, Oct. 20.


    • None


    • Purdue +12 Ohio State
    • Oklahoma -7 1/2 TCU


    • Michigan State +7 Michigan
    • Auburn -4 Mississippi
    • Virginia +7 Duke
    • USC +7 Utah
    • Navy +12 Houston
    • Arizona---UCLA UNDER 56


    I have a pair of games for you today.

    Winless Nebraska's player perhaps the most difficult schedule in the country and today gets a very mediocre Minnesota team to visit Lincoln. This appears a good spot to take out a bit of frustration for the Huskers.

    TAKE: Nebraska -5 Minnesota

    Wester Kentucky's another former top program that's fallen on tough times. But today's opponent Old Dominion has little to recommend it. The small spread  does scare me much here.

    TAKE: W. Kentucky -4 Old Dominion


    Friday record: 2-0.....+$2.10

    Playoffs so far: 8-13.....-$7.65

    DOUBLE PLAY: Milwaukee EVEN LA Dodgers


    Friday record: 1-0

    Season so far: 5-1

    Indiana -8 1/2 Brooklyn

    Boston -9 NY Knicks

    Houston---LA Lakers OVER 234 1/2

    Good hunting today!!!

    October 19, 2018


    There are no Late Consensus Picks on tonight's limited college football card. But we had another nice winner for you in Stanford last night along with keeping you away from a pretty popular NFL selection on Arizona last evening.

    We've had very good success of Friday's this year (DOUBLE PLAY WINNER two weeks ago and a SINGLE PLAY WINNER last week). This week won't be as strong but Air Force seems to be playing with lots of purpose which can't be said for a UNLV team that's not very good and I don't believe can be trusted very highly at  home. This is not a strong play but call it a "lean" to:

     Air Force -9 1/2 UNLV


    Thursday record: 2-0

    Season so far: 4-1

    New Orleans -11 Sacramento


    Out struggles here continue.

    Thursday record: 0-1....-$1.80

    Playoffs so far: 6-13.....-$9.75

    DOUBLE PLAY: Milwaukee +105 LA Dodgers

    Good hunting tonight!

    October 18, 2018


    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Most of my handicapping friends like Arizona tonight in the NFL Thursday night game. And I know of Denver's dreadful road record over the last year plus. But I simply cannot take a very poor team like the Cardinals in a "must win to cover" situation. It's not that I'm in love with Denver either but that's the way I'd "lean" in the Thursday nighter.

    I do have a college pick for you. I simply feel Stanford's the better team in this matchup with Arizona. And that's my recommendation for a REGULAR STRENGTH play:

    TAKE: Stanford -2 1/2 Arizona State


    Wednesday record: 2-1

    Season so far: 2-1

    Philadelphia -11 Chicago

    Portland---LA Lakers OVER 222


    Wednesday record: 0-1....-$1.50

    Playoffs so far: 6-12....-$7.95

    Houston -135 Boston

    Happy Thursday

  • October 18, 2018 1:12 PM | Anonymous

    October 17, 2018


    Tuesday record: 1-0....+$1.20

    Playoffs so far: 6-11.....-$6.45

    Houston -140 Boston


    Denver -1 1/2 LA Clippers

    Utah -8 1/2 Sacramento

    Houston--New Orleans OVER 228 1/2

    Happy Wednesday

    October 16, 2018


    Monday record: 0-1....-$1.70

    Playoffs so far: 5-11....-$7.65

    Geez, we're not going along very well now. 
    BUT, I do like the underdog Red Sox tonight. Eovaldi's seemingly back in form and Keuchel doesn't look like the ace he was a couple years ago. Lets take the price on the underdog here.

    Boston +120 Houston

    October 15, 2018


    Sunday record: 0-1....-$1.00

    Playoffs so far: 5-10.....-$5.95

    LA Dodgers -170 Milwaukee


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on the Monday Night NFL game. It's a REGULAR strength play:

    San Francisco +8 1/2 Green Bay

    NORM's LATE THOUGHTS: I'm not in love with the above play on the Niners. Green Bay's wounded but still potent offensively.

    At home and in need of a stellar performance to steady the ship I look for  Rodgers to have a truly fine game. But also, there are some very fine trends toward the OVER in this game. So, lets "lean" to Green Bay in the game and "lean: to the OVER also.

    October 14, 2018


    Saturday record: 1-1.....EVEN

    Playoffs so far: 5-9......-$4.95

    Houston EVEN Boston


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, Oct. 14

    VERY STRONG PLAYS: Pittsburgh +2 Cincinnati

    STRONG PLAYS: New England -3 1/2 Kansas City


    Indianapolis +2 1/2 NY Jets

    Seattle -2 1/2 Oakland

    Pitt--Cincinnati OVER 50

    Tennessee+2 1/2 Baltimore

    Miami +4 Chicago

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Not much left on this card to handicap.

    Given the shaky nature of each of the offenses involved I almost made Dallas--Jacksonville UNDER a Pick of the Pole.That's the way I'd still lean in this game though not enough to make it a full recommendation. For now, lets just call it a "LEAN." Good hunting today.

    October 13, 2018


    Playoff record so far: 4-8....-$4.95

    Boston--Houston Over 7 1/2

    Milwaukee +115 LA Dodgers

    TAKE: Houston -135 Boston in the series


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the college games of Saturday, Oct. 13.


    STRONG PLAYS: Wisconsin +10 Michigan

                                  Colorado+7 USC


    Michigan State +13 Penn State

    Boise State -16 1/2 Nevada

    Iowa State +6 1/2 W. Virginia

    North Texas---So. Miss UNDER 54

    Texas -14 Baylor

    LSU +7 Georgia

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I have three games for you today.

    Temple again got off to a slow start and has now found their stride just as they did last year. Navy appears a full cut beneath the level of recent Navy outfits.  So:

    TAKE: Temple -7 Navy

    Toledo's controlled E. Michigan for years now (11 wins in a row). The Rockets record is deceiving with their losses coming to very good teams from Miami Fla. and Fresno. EMU's improved but there's lots of bad history and trends here. So: 

    TAKE: Toledo -2 1/2 E. Michigan

    Oklahoma State's a full TD favorite at Kansas State. When Okie State simply folded versus Iowa State last week it seemed to validate the fact that these Cowboys are nothing but a mediocre team. Kansas state's also taken a step backward in their program. But coach Bill Snyder is a fantastic 32-15 ATS his last 47 games as an underdog. There appears to be value here. So:

    TAKE: Kansas State +7 Oklahoma State

    Good hunting today! 

    October 11, 2018


    There is a Late Consensus Pick on the Thursday night NFL game and it is a STRONG PLAY:

    TAKE: Philadelphia -3 NY Giants

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I also have an opinion tonight.  Georgia Southern is really running the ball again like they a couple years ago before a brief, unsuccessful coaching change. Tonight they face a Texas State team that's 7-29 SU their last 36 games with their only win this year coming against a pathetic Texas Southern outfit. T State has yielded 41 to mediocre So. Alabama, 25 in a loss to UTSA whose only other wins came against awful teams from Rice and UTEP and 42 to U La La which hasn't scored over 28 against any other of its four Division 1 foes this season. I smell a blowout:

    TAKE: Georgia Southern -17 1/2 Texas St.


    Take Houston -145 Boston in the ALCS

    October 9, 2018


    Monday record: 0-2....-$2.20

    Season so far: 4-8....-$4.95

    NY Yankees -135 Boston

    October 8, 2018


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on tonight's MNF game. It's  regular strength play:

    TAKE: Washington +5 1/2 New Orleans


    Sunday record: 0:2....-$3.15

    Playoffs so far: 4-6....-$2.75

    Atlanta PICK LA Dodgers

    Cleveland -120 Houston

    Good hunting today!

  • October 04, 2018 1:11 PM | Anonymous

    October 7, 2018


    Here are you Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, Oct. 7.


    STRONG PLAYS: Pitt -3 Atlanta

                                  KC -3 Jacksonville


    Denver -1 NY Jets

    Minnesota +3 Philadelphia

    Green Bay PICK Detroit

    Arizona +3 1/2 San Francisco

    Oakland +5 LA Chargers

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I must advise you that the handicapping world is more than a but mixed on that above play on the Minnesota Vikings. For me, this game is simply confusing and I'll pass.

    As for the other games, this Sunday left me a bit cold. I came close to making Carolina a Pick of the Pole and for today a very tepid recommendation on the Panthers is about as much as I can offer.

    But there are much better places down this road. Be careful.

    LIGHT play on Carolina -6 1/2 NY Giants.


    SATURDAY RECORD: 1-1....+$0.05

    PLAYOFFS SO FAR: 4-4....+$0.40

    Colorado -145 Milwaukee

    LA Dodgers -170 Atlanta

    Happy Sunday! 

    October 6, 2018


    Record Friday:0-1....-$1.00

    Playoffs so far: 3-3.....+$0-35

    Cleveland +135 Houston

    NY Yankees +105 Boston


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for  the college games of Saturday, Oct. 6:


    STRONG PLAYS:  Florida +2 1/2 LSU

                                   Colorado -2 1/2 Arizona State


    Wake Forest +20 1/2 Clemson

    Texas +7 Oklahoma

    Virginia Tech +6 1/2 Notre Dame

    E. Michigan +4 W. Michigan

    Kentucky +5 1/2 Texas A&M

    San Jose +2 1/2 Colorado State

    Hawaii -2 1/2 Wyoming

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Let me begin by saying that, while I deeply respect the handicapper who made the above pick on Kentucky, I'll be staying away  from this game. My sense is that A&M's a bit better than  every believes and that Kentucky might be a tad worse than their 5-0 record suggests. Give me a PASS  on this game

    I do, however, like three games today:

    For me the line on the Georgia Souther--So. Alabama game has simply fallen to far.I like Geo. So. when the line was -13 1/2. Now it's -11 or -11 1/2. I'll bite.

    TAKE: Georgia So. -11 1/2 So. Alabama

    I know Rutgers is just awful. Just awful! But today Illinois is favored on the road which just as distasteful/\.Give me the Scarlet Knights.

    TAkE: Rutgers +5 Illinois

    Buffalo's a solid team with a start QB coming off a poor game. C. Mich looks like just any other raggedy outfit.

    TAKE: Buffalo -7 1/2 C. Michigan

    Good hunting today!

    October 5, 2018


    Thursday record: 1-0....+$1.00

    Playoffs so far: 3-2...+$1.35

    Friday: NY Yankees +170 Boston

    In the series: NY Yankees +130 Boston

    Good hunting today!

    October 4, 2018


    Wednesday record: 0-1....-$1.00

    Playoffs so far: 2-2....+$0.35

    Atlanta--LA Dodgers UNDER 7


    There is one Late Consensus Pick on the NFL game tonight. It is a REGULAR STRENGTH play:

    TAKE: New England -10 Indianapolis

    October 3, 2018


    Tuesday record: 1-0....+$1.20

    Playoffs so far: 2-1....+$1.35

    Oakland +175 NY Yankees

    Good hunting today

    October 2, 2018


    Monday record: 1-1....+$0.15

    Playoffs so far: 1-1....+$0.15

    Colorado +120 Cubs

    October 1, 2018


    Milwaukee +115 Cubs

    Colorado +165 LA Dodgers

    Good luck


    There is one Late Consensus Pick (actually a couple on the same team on Monday Night Football). It is a REGULAR STRENGTH play:

    TAKE: Denver +3 1/2 Kansas City

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHT: The more I looked at this game the more it looked like a high scoring affair. I'd "lean" to the OVER.

    Cheers everyone and happy October! 

    September 30, 2018


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the NFL games of Sunday, Sept. 30:


    STRONG PLAYS: Seattle -3 1/2


    Detroit Lions +3 Dallas

    NY Giants +3 New Orleans

    Chicago -2 1/2 Tampa Bay

    Baltimore +3 Pittsburgh

    New England -6 1/2 Miami

    Tennessee +3 Philadelphia

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Another reminder that REALLY applies to these games---consider the money line. It takes some nerve to bet underdogs to win the games straight up and, for example, taking the NYG +3 to win straight up exposes you to the possibility that New Orleans wins the game by a very narrow margin and you lose a straight up play when taking +3 could have produced a winner or a push. But, you can get the Lions, Giants, Titans and Ravens all at +125 or +130 straight up in their roles as small dogs. If you like CLE (which I do)  or DEN tomorrow night you can get similar to higher prices. The money line's a nice, rewarding alternative ways to play games and make prices work for you. Cheers!


    Saturday record:0-3...-$3.50

    Season so far: 345-334....-$14.20

    White Sox +125 Minnesota

    September 29, 2018


    Here are your LATE CONSENSUS PICKS for the games of Saturday, SepT. 29. Both picks last night were winners. Lets keep this going.

    VERY STRONG PLAYS: Virginia Tech +4 1/2 Duke

    STRONG PLAYS: Florida Atlantic -3 Middle Tennessee


    BYU +17 Washington

    Ohio -13 1/2 UMass

    Texas Tech +3 1/2 West Virginia

    Florida +7 Mississippi State

    New Mexico -7 Liberty

    Penn State +3 1/2 Ohio State

    Texas A&M -20 1/2 Arkansas

    Cal +2 Oregon

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I'm not big fan of a couple of the above plays. I'll tread very lightly on the FAU--Middle Tenn game. And, as you know from my selections, I go the other way on the Texas Tech game favoring W. Virginia. But I respect each of the handicappers whose study of these games has taken them in a different direction.

    Today I have two games for you. A couple years ago Indiana and Rutgers were both Big 10 bottom feeders. Rutgers still  is. But Indiana's making progress. One way to encourage progress is to smash lesser squads. That's what I believe happens today.

    Utah meanwhile visits Washington State. For me this one comes down to simply asking which is the better team in this virtual toss-up game. For me that's Utah. So:

    TAKE: Indiana -16 1/2 Rutgers

    TAKE: Utah -2 Washington State


    Friday record: 5-1....+$3.90

    Season so far: 345-331.....-$10.70

    Pittsburgh -135 Cincinnati

    Atlanta +145 Piladelphia

    Colorado -125 Washington

    Good hunting today

  • October 02, 2018 11:39 AM | Anonymous

    September 28, 2018


    Thursday record: 2-0...+$2.10

    Season so far: 340-330...-$14.60

    Cubs -155 St. Louis

    Atlanta -125 Philadelphia

    Colorado -180 Washington

    San Diego +135 Arizona

    NY Yankees -125 Boston

    Oakland -145 LA Angels


    There are two major college football games tonight and oddly we have Late Consensus Picks on both of them. Each play is a REGULAR STRENGTH PLAY:

    Colorado -9 1/2 UCLA

    Memphis -14 Tulane

    Good luck today!

    September 27, 2018


    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Minnesota got torched last week by a shaky Buffalo offense. Don't expect that to happen back-to-back to a Mike Zimmer defense. And there's solid historical info to support a low scoring game here also. So:

    TAKE: LA Rams--Minnesota UNDER 49 1/2


    Wednesday's record: 2-2....-$0.15

    Season so far: 338-330...-$16.70

    Colorado -170 Philadelphia

    NY Mets +110 Atlanta

    Good hunting today!

    September 26, 2018


    Tuesday record: 1-2....-$0.75

    Season so far: 336-328....-$16.55

    Pittsburgh +160 Cubs

    Colorado -185 Philadelphia

    LA Dodgers -115 Arizona

    Oakland -110 Seattle

    September 25, 2018


    Monday record: 2-1....+$1.70

    Season so far: 335-326....-$15.80

    Pittsburgh +125 Cubs

    San Diego EVEN San Francisco

    Oakland EVEN Seattle

    Happy Tuesday!

    September 24, 2018

    Sunday record: 1-0.....+$1.05

    Season so far: 334-326...-$17.50

    Pittsburgh +145 Cubs

    Milwaukee +130 St. Louis

    Toronto +180 Houston


    There is one REGULAR STRENGTH Consensus pick on tonight's game:

    Tampa PICK Pittsburgh

    Plus, I took this game UNDER as one of the Picks of the Pole.

    September 23, 2018


    Here are your Consensus Late Picks from various top handicappers on the NFL games of Sunday, Sept. 23


    STRONG PLAY: Washington +3 Green Bay

                               New England -7 Detroit

    REGULAR PLAYS: Carolina -3 Cincinnati

                                    New Orleans +2 Alanta

                                    San Fran +6 1/2 Kansas City

                                    LA Rams -7 LA Chargers

                                    Seattle -1 1/2 Dallas

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Well, we're on a nice roll in "Late Thoughts." Had a nice week last week, hit the Penn State winner Friday and two winners Saturday on UMass and Texas. As you well know I disagree with that Consensus pick on Dallas. But that's been on record for a couple of days now.

    Today lets go to a  total. There are a couple of heavy trend indicators that suggest a pretty fair number of points today in the Bears--Arizona game. Teams like 'Zona who've opened with two straight games scoring less than 14 points go OVER in week three at a 16-clip in recent seasons. Lets go with that angel. So:

    TAKE: Chicago--Arizona OVER 38 1/2


    Saturday record: 3-2....+$0.45

    Season so far: 333-326.....-$18.55

    Colorado +105 Arizona

    Good hunting today!

    September 22,2018


    Friday record: 2-2.....EVEN

    Season so far: 330-324.....-$19.00

    Miami EVEN Cincinnati

    Atlanta -150 Philadelphia

    St. Louis -170 San Francisco

    Tampa Bay -150 Toronto

    Texas -105 Seattle


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the college games of Saturday, Sept. 22:


    STRONG: Purdue +7 Boston College

                     Navy -6 1/2 SMU


    Missouri +14 1/2 Georgia

    Wake Forest +6 1/2 Notre Dame

    Nebraska +18 Michigan

    Liberty +13 North Texas

    Rice +14 So. Miss

    Virginia -5 1/2 Louisville

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I have a pair of NLT's for you this morning.

    1. I like what appears to be growth going on in Austin. The home dog Longhorns offer some value today. Plus, there are  a handful of long term negative trend toward TCU in this situation and that's unusual for a terrific coach like coach Patterson

    2. UMass is a veteran team off to a struggling start. But weakling Charlotte may be just what the doctor ordered here. Give me the Minutemen to play away as this one goes along.

    TAKE: Texas +3 TCU

                UMass -7 1/2 Charlotte.

    Good hunting today!

    September 21 2018


    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: We had a nice winner with revenge minded Temple last night and have a couple more thoughts about tonight's action.

    The Illinois program seems to be a total mess while Penn State seems to get some offensive things figured out last week during their waltz against Kent State. This looks like a mis-match and James Franklin's Nittany Lions have been solid at home. Illinois passing game seemingly doesn't give them much chance to trade points with PSU.


    TAKE: Penn State minus that bushel of points versus Illinois.

    Also, USC's back home against Washington State. Last week the Trojans went down in flames against Texas and are now 10-22 ATS their last 32 away from home. But they're a much tougher nut to crack at home.



    Friday record: 2-1.....+$3.20

    Season so far: 238-232....-$19.00

    Mets -135 Washington

    Pittsburgh +130 Milwaukee

    Atlanta -135 Philadelphia

    LA Angels +210 Houston

  • September 21, 2018 11:38 AM | Anonymous

    September 20, 2018


    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Temple looks for conference revenge tonight when they face Tulsa who torched them 43-22. That's a role the Owls have been excellent in. Under coaches Ruhle and Collins Temple's a sterling 14-3 in that role. They've also been terrific (9-3) in the schedule-interrupting weekday night games. Temple started slowly last year and have again this year (losing their first two). But then the roll began. They drilled Maryland last week without allowing an offensive score by Mary. Can't see Tulsa hanging with the owls tonight.


    TAKE: Temple -7 Tulsa


    WEDNESDAY RECORD: 1-2...-$1.20

    Season so far: 326-321.....-$22.20

    Mets +240 Washington

    Miami +120 Cincinnati

    White Sox +180 Cleveland

    Good hunting today!

    September 19, 2018


    Tuesday record: 2-4....-$3.50

    Season so far: 325-319.....-$21.00

    Mets -120 Philadelphia

    LA Dodgers -200 Colorado

    Boston EVEN NY Yankees


    September 18, 2018


    Monday record: 2-0....+$2.10

    Season so far :323-313.....-$17.50

    NY Mets +165 Philadelphia

    Atlanta -140 St. Louis

    Milwaukee -190 Cincinnati

    NY Yankees -135 Boston

    Toronto--Baltimore UNDER 9

    Tampa Bay -200 Texas


    September 17 2018


    Here is a Late Consensus Pick on tonight's NFL game. One of our handicappers has:

    REGULAR PLAY: Seatlle--Chicago OVER

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: I'm going to pass on the above play. Seattle has gone UNDER 9 straight times when playing the second of two in a row on the road. For coach Carroll they're also UNDER 6 of the last  7 Game Two's on the schedule.


    Sunday record: 0-4....-$5.00

    Season so far: 321-313....-$19.60

    Mets +110 Philadelphia

    Milwaukee -160 Cincinnati


    September 16, 2018


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks  for the NFL games of Sunday, Sept. 16


    STRONG PLAYS: LA Rams -13 Arizona


    Indianapolis +6 Washington

    Atlanta -6 Carolina

    Denver -6 1/2 Oakland


    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: San Fran played a solid, rugged game in their loss to Minnesota last week. The problem was their turnovers. The opposition weakens considerably today when they face Detroit at home. The Lions looked like puke getting trampled by the mediocre Jets. The more I looked at this game the more I was attracted by the Niners at home. So:

    TAKE: San Francisco -6 Detroit.


    Saturday record: 1-0....+$1.00

    Season so far: 320-306....-$14.60

    LA Dodgers -145 St. Louis

    Atlanta -130 Washington

    Kansas City -105 Minnesota

    Texas -120 San Diego

    Good hunting today!

    September 15, 2018


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for the college games of Saturday, Sept. 15.


    STRONG PLAYS: Hawaii +6 1/2 Army

                                  Boise  State +1 Oklahoma State


    So. Florida -11 Illinois

    Ball State +15 1/2 Indiana

    Georgia Tech---Pitt OVER 54 1/2

    C. Michigan +14 1/2 No. Illinois

    Toledo +11 1/2 Miami Fla.

    Mississippi +22 1/2 Alabama

    Nevada -3 1/2 Oregon State

    UAB +3 1/2 Tulane

    TCU +13 Ohio State

    Arizona State -5 San Diego State

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: Just a reminder that when playing underdogs, instead of taking the points, consider playing those games on the money line where your underdog must win the game straight up but the price you get in return is attractive. For example:

    Today you can play Syracuse +3 wagering 110 to win 100. Or you can play the Orangemen on the money line where you play 100 and, if they win the game straight out, your return is 125. There are other such underdogs today like Boise, Utah, UAB and, perhaps, even Purdue that could make attractive money line plays.


    Friday record: 1-4.....-$3.20

    Season so far: 320-309....-$15.60

    LA Dodgers -135 St. Louis

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  • September 15, 2018 11:36 AM | Anonymous

    September 14, 2018


    Once again there'll be no plays of Late Picks on tonight's tiny card of games.


    Thursday record: 1-1....-$0.60

    Season so far: 319-303....-$12.40

    Washington--Atlanta UNDER 7 1/2

    Milwaukee---Pitt UNDER 8 1/2

    St. Louis +110 LA Dodgers

    NY Yankees -280 Toronto

    Tampa Bay EVEN Oakland

    Good hunting this Friday!


    No picks of any kind tonight


    Wednesday record: 1-2....-$1.55

    Season so far: 318-302...-$11.80

    Mets -160 Miami (When Vargas pitches)

    Oakland -180 Baltimore

    Happy Thursday!

    September 12, 2018


    Tuesday record: 0-4....-$4.70

    Season so far: 317-300.....-$10.75

    NY Mets -150 Miami (With Vargas for NY)

    Cubs -150 Milwaukee

    Arizona -105 Colorado

    Tampa Bay--Cleveland UNDER 7


    September 11, 2018


    Monday record: 1-2....-$1.80

    Season so far: 317-296.....-$6.05

    LA Dodgers -165 Cincinnati

    Pittsburgh +140 St. Louis

    Colorado--Arizona OVER 10 1/2

    Tampa Bay EVEN Cleveland

    Have a great Tuesday!

  • September 12, 2018 11:35 AM | Anonymous

    September 10, 2018


    There is one REGULAR STRENGTH Late Consensus Pick on an NFL game tonight:

    LA Rams--Oakland Raiders UNDER 48


    Sunday record: 0-2....-$2.00

    Season so far: 316-294....-$4.25

    LA Dodgers -180 Cincinnati

    NY Mets -150 Miami

    Pittsburgh +115 St. Louis

    Colorado -140 Arizona


    September 9, 2018


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks for Sunday, Sept. 9 after a solid Saturday in which the STRONG play lost but the REGULAR strength

    plays went 7-2-1.


    STRONG PLAYS: Baltimore -7 1/2 Buffalo

                                  Houston +6 1/2 New England


    NY Giants +3 Jacksonville

    Cincinnati +2 Indianapolis

    Tennessee---Miami UNDER 42 1/2

    Seattle--Denver OVER 42

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS---I thought we had yet another winner on the So. Miss game to go OVER after the first quarter when the score was 14-10. But then BOTH teams stopped scoring. Not much left to choose from in this card and nothing truly lights my candle so we'll simply PASS  in this spot and move on to tomorrow night.


    SATURDAY RECORD: 1-2....-$1.30

    Season so far: 316-292....-$2.25

    Pittsburgh -185 Miami

    Colorado +115 LA Dodgers

    Kansas City +140 Minnesota

    Cheers everyone! Happy NFL Sunday!

    September 8, 2018


    Here are your Late Consensus Picks from several top handicappers arounds the country on the college games of Saturday, Sept. 8.

    As a refresher, we rate these games as "VERY SRONG PLAYS", STRONG PLAYS or REGULAR PLAYS.

    VERY STRONG---None

    STRONG---South Carolina +10 Georgia


    So. Florida +3 Georgia Tech

    Air Force +8 Florida Atlantic

    Miami Ohio -1 Cincinnati

    Miami Ohio---Cincinnati UNDER 49 1/2

    C. Michigan -3 1/2 Kansas

    Navy +6 1/2 Memphis

    Indiana---Virginia UNDER 50 1/2

    No. Illinois +11 Utah

    Texas A&M +11 1/2 Clemson

    Stanford -5 USC

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS---So. Miss and Louisiana Monroe each have solid offenses and produce points. Unfortunately each also possesses defenses that yield points. This matchup looks like the type that will light up the scoreboard to me. So:

    TAKE So. Miss--U La Monroe OVER 67 1/2

    Have a wonderful Saturday!


    Friday record: 2-2....-$0.10

    Season so far: 315-290.......-$0.95

    Cubs +140 Washington (Versus Scherzer)

    Mets -145 Philadelphia

    Arizona -130 Atlanta

    Good hunting today!

    September 7, 2018


    Thursday record: 0-2....-$2.60

    Season so far: 313-288....-$0.85

    • LA Dodgers -145 Colorado
    • Cleveland--Toronto OVER 9
    • Tampa Bay -250 Baltimore
    • Boston EVEN Houston


    Norm's Late Thoughts---We're off to a very nice start with NLT this season with a "lean" winner on Stanford last Friday, a winner on UNLV last Saturday and another winner last night on the Philly game to go UNDER. SMU looked pathetic on both sides of the ball last week and TCU's one fine football team leaving us really only one option tonight. But the line on this game has been rising and rising making me more and more uncomfortable.  So, I'm left with only  another "lean" to recommend on the Horned Frogs. Be careful! Cheers---Norm

    September 6, 2018


    Wednesday record: 0-2.....-$2.45

    Season so far: 313-286....+$1.75

    • Cincinnati -150 San Diego
    • Washington -110 Cubs


    Norm's Late Thoughts: The Falcons have been a team that digs defensively in when facing revenge type games. The Eagles beat Atlanta in the NFL playoffs last year.

    So, tonight's NFL season opener gives the Dirty Birds a chance for immediate payback. In their last 19 revenge games Atlanta's gone 4-14-1 UNDER. Lets stay with that angle.

    TAKE: Atlanta--Philly UNDER 44 1/2

    Good hunting!

    September 5, 2018


    Tuesday record: 2-2....-$0.55

    Season so far: 313-284....+$4.20

    Milwaukee -120 Cubs

    Tampa Bay -135 Toronto

    Happy days!

    September 4 2018


    Monday record: 4-1....+$3.80

    Season so far: 311-282...+$4.75

    Pittsburgh -145 Cincinnati

    NY Mets +210 LA Dodgers

    Boston -130 Atlanta

    White Sox -155 Detroit

    Happy Monday!

    September 3 2018


    Sunday record: 1-2....-$1.15

    ***Please note: We posted an incorrect record for Saturday. Th3 season record is now correct.

    Season so far: 307-281.......+$0.95

    St. Louis +165 Washington

    NY Mets--LA Dodgers UNDER 7

    White Sox -120 Detroit

    Kansas City +180 Cleveland

    Boston -120 Atlanta


    Just a reminder that one of our Late Consensus Picks for the weekend was a STRONG PLAY on Virginia Tech.


    September 2, 2018


    Saturday record: 2-1....+1.35

    Season so far: 307--279....+$4.30

    Arizona +145 LA Dodgers

    Miami -115 Toronto


    There are no Late Consensus Picks today and no Norm's Late Thoughts on the single game on the card.


    September 1 2018


    Dear members---Here is your first week of the Late Consensus Picks 

    from top handicappers around the country on the college games of this weekend.


    STRONG PLAYS: Virginia Tech +7 Florida State (MONDAY)


    Penn State -24 Appalachian State (Loss)

    Michigan +1 Notre Dame (Loss)

    UMass 17 1/2 Boston College (Loss)

    Central Michigan +17 1/2 Kentucky (Win)

    Liberty +5 1/2 Old Dominion (Win)

    Troy +10 Boise State (Loss)

    Alabama -24 Louisville (Loss)

    NORM'S LATE THOUGHTS: USC's been a team that seems a bit unfocused at times against opponents that they're considered much better than. They'll toy with teams like a cat will toy with its over-powered mouse. UNLV's not hapless and, given the large spread here,I believe they're capable of hanging in under that spread. So: 

    TAKE: UNLV +26 USC (Win)


    Friday record: 1-2...-$1.70

    Season so far: 304-279......+$0.60

    Arizona +160 LA Dodgers

    Minnesota -125 Texas

    Miami -110 Toronto

    Good hunting this weekend

  • September 01, 2018 3:06 PM | Anonymous

    August 31, 2018


    Thursday record: 0-1....-$1.00

    Season so far: 303-277.....+$2.30

    Philadelphia -110 Cubs

    LA Dodgers -135 Arizona

    Texas -135 Minnesota


    There are a handful of games tonight but none of them turn me on to the point of making  a selection. The closest I came was taking the Stanford side. Extremely well-coached and loaded with potential NFL players. But the most I'd recommend would be a "lean" to the Cardinal minus the points.

    Cheers everyone!

    August 30, 2018

    Pittsburgh +115 St. Louis

    August 29, 2018

    Tuesday Record 1-4 -3.80 Overall +3.30

    Milwaukee -145 Cincinnati

    San Francisco +105 Arizona

    August 28, 2018


    Monday record: 1-1.....EVEN

    Season so far: 300-271.....+$7.10

    Philadelphia EVEN Washington (Loss)

    Arizona EVEN San Francisco (Loss)

    White Sox +220 NY Yankees (Loss)

    Houston -180 Oakland (Loss)

    LA Dodgers -200 Texas (win)


    August 27 2018


    Sunday record: 2-2....-$0.10

    Season so far: 300-270........+$7.10

    • Oakland +165 Houston
    • Cubs -140 NY Mets

    Happy Monday everyone!

    August 26, 2018


    Saturday record: 3-0....+$3.55

    Season so far: 298-268....+$7.20

    NY Mets -110 Washington

    Tampa Bay -120 Boston

    Houston -140 LA Angels

    Toronto +105 Philadelphia

    Happy Sunday!

    August 25, 2018


    Friday record: 0-2....-$2.30

    Season so far: 295-268.....+$3.65

    NY Mets +105 Washington

    Miami +150 Atlanta

    Oakland -145 Minnesota


    August 24, 2018


    Thursday record: 1-1.....+$0.05

    Season so far: 295-266......+$5.95

    Baltimore +165   NY Yankees

    Philadelphia - 125  Toronto

    Happy Friday!

    August 23, 2018


    Wednesday record: 1-1......-$0.50

    Season so far: 293-264.....+$5.90

    • Philadelphia +150 Washington
    • NY Mets -145 San Francisco

    Happy Thursday

    August 22, 2018


    Tuesday record: 1-2....-$2.25

    Season so far: 292-265.....+$6.40

    Oakland -150   vs Texas

    Arizona - 190     LA Angels

    August 21, 2018


    Monday record: 0-2....-$2.50

    Season so far: 291-261.....+$8.65

    Boston -145   Cleveland

    Milwaukee -175  Cincinnati

    Minnesota -125  White Sox


    August 20, 2018


    Sunday record: 2-1......+$1.00

    Season so far: 291-259.....+$11.15

    Pittsburgh -125 Atlanta

    NY Mets -125 San Francisco

    August 19, 2018


    Saturday record: 5-0....+$6.40

    Season so far: 289-258....+10.15

    Cincinnati -110 San Francisco

    Pittsburgh -115 Cubs

    Oakland +135 Houston

    Happy Sunday!

    August 18, 2018


    Friday record: 3-0....+$3.10

    Season so far: 284-258....+$3.75

    Mets -110 Philadelphia

    Pittsburgh +120 Cubs

    Baltimore +190 Cleveland

    Seattle +120 LA Dodgers

    Kansas City +110 White Sox

    Happy weekend!

    August 17, 2018


    Thursday record: 2-0....+$2.90

    Season so far: 281-258.....+$0.65

    Cincinnati +110 San Francisco

    St. Louis -130 Milwaukee

    Texas -130 LA Angels

    Happy Friday!

    August 16, 2018


    Wednesday record: 3-3....-$0.85

    Season so far: 279-258.....-$2.25

    Washington +125 St. Louis

    Tampa Bay +165 NY Yankees


    Season record so far: 1-2

    New England -3 1/2 Philadelphia

    Cheers everyone!

  • August 17, 2018 3:05 PM | Anonymous

    August 15, 2018


    Tuesday record: 0-2....-$2.00

    Season so far: 276-255.....-$1.40

    • White Sox -115 Detroit
    • Oakland -130 Seattle
    • Toronto -145 Kansas City
    • Mets -125 Baltimore
    • Boston -130 Philadelphia
    • San Diego -125 LA Angels

    Happy Wednesday!

    August 14, 2018


    Monday record: 3-1.....+$2.00

    Season so far: 276-253....+$0.60

    • Kansas City +120 Toronto
    • Philadelphia +125 Boston


    August 13, 2018


    Sunday record: 2-2....+$0.35

    Season so far: 273-252....-$1.40

    St. Louis -140 Washington

    Detroit -105 White Sox

    Oakland -125 Seattle

    San Diego +110 LA Angels

    Cheers everyone!

    August 12, 2018


    Saturday record: 3-1....+$2.15

    Season so far: 217-250.....-$1.75

    Miami +145 NY Mets

    San Diego +105 Philadelphia

    Pittsburgh EVEN San Francisco

    Cubs +130 Washington

    Happy Sunday!

    August 11, 2018


    Friday record: 3-1.....+$1.85

    Season so far: 268-249....-$3.90

    Boston -240 Baltimore (When Price faces Yacobonis)

    NY Yankees -240 Texas

    LA Angels -110 Oakland

    Colorado +125 LA Dodgers

    Good hunting today!

    August 10, 2018


    Thursday record: 1-0....+$1.00

    Season so far: 265-248....-$5.15

    Arizona -120 Cincinnati

    Colorado +105 LA Dodgers

    San Francisco -135 Pittsburgh

    Boston -180 Baltimore


    Thursday record: 1-2

    No more games this weekend

    August 9, 2018


    Here are your Picks of the Pole for this first weekend of NFL pre-season games:


    Chicago +1 1/2 Cincinnati

    Seattle -1 1/2 Indianapolis

    Dallas +3 1/2 San Francisco

    All are Thursday night games as we start dipping our toes into the exhibition season.


    Wednesday record: 2-3.....-$3.05

    Season so far: 264-248....-$6.15

    NY Yankees--Texas OVER 9 1/2

    August 8, 2018


    Tuesday record: 3-2....+$1.80

    Season so far: 262-245....-$3.10

    Colorado -135 Pittsburgh

    Colorado---Pittsburgh UNDER 10

    Philadelphia---Arizona UNDER 8

    Seattle -150 Texas

    Cubs -220 Kansas City

    Cheers everyone 

    August 7, 2018


    Monday record: 2-1....+$1.40

    Season so far: 259-243....-$4.90

    Atlanta +185 Washington (Newcombe vs.


    NY Mets -105 Cincinnati

    Baltimore +160 Tampa Bay

    Texas EVEN Seattle

    LA Angels -175 Detroit

    Happy Tuesday

    August 6, 2018


    Sunday record: 2-2....-$0.75

    Season so far: 257-242....-$6.30

    • Miami +140 St. Louis
    • Colorado -140 Pittsburgh
    • San Francisco +140 Houston

    Cheers everyone!

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