Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a question that is not answered here, please email us. Chances are that you are not the only person with the question and we will add it to our FAQ list. Thanks

Q: What is the difference between the selections you give on the air and the selections you post in The Clubhouse?

A: I only give selections on the air once a week during football season. I post selections in The Clubhouse daily. The selections on the radio are for entertainment purposes. Plenty of people in my radio audience have no intention of "investing" but are interested in my thoughts on games. The on-air selections are intended this mass audience. The Clubhouse selections are geared toward the wagering audience. They are more detailed and specific.

Also and very importantly, things change as news breaks and Clubhouse members receive my latest thoughts on the games. There will be times where I will get information that will allow me to advise Clubhouse members to strengthen or weaken the selections I've given on the air.

Q: What's the biggest benefit to becoming a Member of The Clubhouse?

A: I believe (and I've been told) that the most valuable information inside The Clubhouse is the Late Information I post from Handicappers Around the Nation. Here's how it works: Every morning I exchange information with several handicappers around the nation. They get my opinions on the teams and regions that I focus on and in return I get information from them. 

After speaking to this network of experts, I pass the information on to Clubhouse Members... I will post the strongest "consensus" plays every Saturday/Sunday and Monday of the football season. Over the past decade these selections have performed extremely well.

These are all professional handicappers (most of them charge thousands of dollars a season for this information) and I can honestly tell you that these selections alone, make the price of a Clubhouse Membership a bargain!

Q: How often do you update the site?

A: We post picks at least once a day, 362 days a year (363 in leap years). The only days that we do not post selections are the 3 days of the MLB All-Star break.

Q: What time do you post the selections?

A: We generally post the picks by 9:30 am every morning. There will be times throughout the year, however, when we will post selections twice a day. And during football season, we generally have 'Late Selections from Handicappers Around the Nation' posted by 10:00 am.

Q: Do Clubhouse Memberships automatically renew?

A: Yes they do. For the first 8 years of operation, the memberships did not renew automatically. We received several requests from members to change to an automatic renewal. It took quite awhile but once we found a method that would make it easy for subscribers to cancel their subscriptions, we made the change.

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